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Some things I've worked on over the years.

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Node, React, React Hooks API, PostgreSQL, HTML, SCSS WAILto

WAILto (or What Am I Listening To) is a way to analyze your music listening. Learn about your own music trends and history.

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React, React Hooks API, Node, Express, HTML, SCSS, and Gulp. personaList

With personaList, you can comment up every song in your Spotify playlist. Pages are dynamically generated with JavaScript to show Spotify API data.

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HTML, CSS, and JavaScript blog

Chronicling my debauchery in front end development.

JavaScript, Angular 1, Node, Express, HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap. orderUp hookUp

Find food near you. Optimized for mobile and phone, orderUp hookUp cross-references the Google and Yelp APIs to find nearby restaurants.

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React, JavaScript, ES6, Webpack, HTML, CSS, and CSS Grid. Practice Buddy

Practice Buddy helps you learn musical modes and scales and improve your musicianship. Choose any mode and any starting pitch and start practicing today!

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React, React Router v. 3, JavaScript, ES6, HTML, CSS, SCSS, and Bootstrap. Git Flow

Git Flow is an interactive git tutorial that walks users through a git workflow via a step-by-step flowchart.

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Python, Pip, JSON, SHA512 Encryption, REST, and MongoDB. Passman

Passman is a CLI password management application, complete with a MongoDB cloud storage solution using RESTful principles. Available on Pip.

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HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node, Express Twitch Tracker

Twitch Tracker gives you real time analytics for your Twitch stream. Chat, view count, and viewer names are all pulled from the Twitch API.

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C, Thread Pools, Epoll Units, and Pseudo TTYs. Lysten

Lysten is a general-purpose server, implemented using multiplexed I/O with epoll and custom thread pools for concurrency on a multicore system, written in C.

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